Collier County Looks Forward to Its Very Own 70-mile Multi-Use Trail

The proposed 70-mile multi-use trail that seeks to link important communities like Immokalee, Naples. Marco Islands, Everglade City and Golden Gate is something that would enthuze fitness enthusiasts. The decision to add walking, running and cycling trails to the project, in particular, has been particularly well-received by community members.

Already bike rental companies like Macro Island Bike Rentals have been receiving inquiries from biking enthusiasts keen to check out what the new trail offers. They have a lot to look forward to what with the Paradise Coast Trail salted to be the longest continuous trail system in Collier County once ready.

So if you are keen to put your regular or electric bike through its paces, this is the bike trail you should be heading to. With the obesity rates being what they are in cities and towns across the United States, this initiative by the Naples Pathway Coalition and supported by Collier County’s Metropolitan Organization is certainly a welcome one.

A healthy lifestyle including a fair amount of outdoor activity and physical exercise goes a long way in combating the slew of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and a multitude of cardiac problems. This multi-use trail will benefit young and old alike in that it will give the young and old residents of important Collier County communities a chance to indulge in some serious walking, running and cycling.

An active outdoor lifestyle is not just good from the point of view of improving your physical health, it also has a very positive impact on one’s mental wellbeing. To that extent, the construction of this trail is something that will have an extremely beneficial impact on the overall physical and mental health of the denizens of these communities. This is something that definitely augurs very well for their future.

Why Marco island bike rentals is the best bike rental shop on Marco Island ?

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Marco Island 4th July Celebration and Fireworks

Marco Island Bike rentals_ Marco Island Bike Rentals

4th July marks the Independence Day of America and this year it is the 243rd celebration of this national holiday. Your long weekend is perfect with the celebration that includes parties and firework displays across the United States.

Marco Island honours this day firework displays and a number of stand-out events in different destinations.

Being in Marco Island, this is the right time to enjoy the festivities and take part in contests to enjoy your day, while the evenings will be spectacular with the firework and foods.

How you can celebrate?

You can watch the parade in the morning. After the parade is over, take part in different events taking place in different areas across the Island. At the event you can contest for different games and entertainment shows. 

After having a day full of party, beer and food, now you can head on to watch the fireworks display. The lights-up-in-the-sky show starts from around 7p.m. at some location and at other locations it starts from 9 p.m.

There are several opportunities to watch the firework. You can view the firework from any location along the beachfront or from the cruise. You can go to South Marco, Residents (if you have a way in), or Tigertail. The beach front restaurants are also amongst the available options. If you walk over to Residents beach, they will have all sorts of food, games, contests, etc. 

Fireworks at Pirate Cruise: The firework starts from 8 p.m. here. The cruise departs from Salty Sam’s Marina and sails to the Gulf of Mexico to view the fireworks from the water. Now isn’t it exciting!!

Fireworks at San Carlos Bay: Start by watching the sunset, then viewing the fireworks. The tickets include complimentary soft drinks, and snacks.

Have a fun filled day and enjoy your evenings watching fireworks in the beach or anywhere you think is suitable for your mood and choice.


Marco Island Academy is now building a permanent school

Marco Island Academy- Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island Academy (MIA) is a highly rated public charter high school which is open to all students from grades 9-12 in Marco Island, Collier County, Florida.
Marco Island School Campus is located on Marco Island in close proximity to the Everglades.
MIA is surrounded by nature including wetlands, mangroves, and waterways. Also, there are many animal habitats in nearby areas including burrowing owls, gopher tortoises, bobcat, etc.
MIA is hardly 10 miles from the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
Marco Island Academy wants to provide a permanent home for its students. To achieve this historic milestone, the academy facility has allowed MIA to provide the increasing number of students with permanent buildings and various other facilities.
The Marco Island Planning Board has unanimously approved a site development plan that calls for the construction of classrooms, offices, a gymnasium and sports fields at its current location.
In addition to the approval of the site development plan, the Planning Board has also approved a variance to allow six additional feet of building height above 30-feet.
A capital campaign was made to raise the funds needed to build a permanent home for the school. Funding and donations of all magnitudes are needed and welcomed. The donors with certain donating magnitude will receive a gift with added recognition in the form of naming rights.
The school will be constructed in three phases. The plan calls for $4.5 million to allow them to break ground in June on phase one. Eventually, the total project costs are $12.5 million.
For Phase One, the work will begin in June, which will include a two-story building containing a multi-use gym with a stage and a school lobby at a cost of $4.5 million. There will be an Arts and Athletics Facility, which includes a lobby, a full gymnasium, and performing arts stage.
Phase Two will consist of a three-story addition to the building including 16 state-of-the-art classrooms and labs connected to the Arts and Athletics Facility in the academic center.
Phase Three will include the soccer field, removal of the existing portable classroom buildings located at the school, and other facilities to complete the campus.
For further information, you can visit the school’s website @


8 Activities to do While Visiting Marco Island


8 Things to do in Marco Island Bike Rentals

Marco Island, the largest among the barrier islands located at the southern tip of Southwest Florida is surrounded by 100 miles of palm tree-lined islands. The island features picturesque destinations to visit; from white sand beaches to Mangrove estuaries to world-class golf courses and many other magnificent places to explore.

The environment setup and the places in and around Marco Island provides both relaxing and adventurous activities. Sport different water adventures like fishing, boating, dolphin watching, kayaking, shell collecting and more on the Island.

We’ve prepared a list of some of the best activities and attractions for you to check out during your stay at the Island.

Wildlife adventure

Keewaydin Island also known as Key Island locally is a nature preserve located off the coast of Naples. The place is home to various wildlife species like wild boar, iguanas, bobcat, gopher tortoise, loggerhead turtles, and other animal species.

It is also a great spot to kayak and explore dolphins and other sea life along the way.


Looking for an opportunity to bond with your family and create that special moment? Then worry not! Marco Island gives you the perfect place to relax and enjoy fishing. The island proposes unique and customizable guided fishing trips and tours.

The best thing is that there is plenty of fishing opportunities all year long due to fresh water lakes, nearby rivers, and gulf waters.

A Pirate’s Treasure

If you have some pirate in your heart then this is an Adventure you sure don’t want to miss. Bring your family to take on a pirate’s adventure and set sail on a ship to discover the hidden treasure. 

Learn pirate lingo and indulge in pirate talk, get your moves grooving with the pirate dance, and defeat the rival pirate with water guns. 

There is no age bar, so it’s time to bring out the kid concealing inside you and have fun.

Water Sports

Want some thrilling adventure? You are at the right place. With many waterways and surrounding islands, the Island offers you with number of water sports and activities such as kayaking, surfing, boating, cruising etc.

Discover your sporting talent and take a tour of the island through parasailing, wave runner tours, marine life eco-cruises, and a lot more.  You can take boats, jet skis, and water scooter, among others and explore the hidden, uninhabited isles in the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife refuge. 

Ghost Touring and Museum Visit

Ghost Touring- Sounds weird and exciting all at the same time, right!! Marco Murder and Mayhem offers a unique experience for tourists with their ‘Frightseeing Tour’. Hear ghost stories for a spooked 2 hour ghost tour through the haunted sites around Marco Island with Martha Horror (known as a ghost expert).

The Marco Island Historic Museum displays the history and development of Marco Island. It tells the history of ancient burial mounds and related artefacts. The Museum features a replica of Southwest Florida’s Calusa Native Americans and their village that gives visitors a glimpse of their daily lives.

 Shell Hunting

Marco Island is famous for different shells worldwide and is one of the best seashell collecting places in the world. One can find variety of shells from conchs, tulips, whelks, sand dollars, scallops and many more. 

Tigertail beach is the most popular public each of the Island. It is a preserved natural habitats for shorebirds. The Tigertail Beach Park includes a tidal lagoon that splits it from the Sand Dollar Spit. The lagoon is a home to wide range of wildlife like crabs, conches, and fish among many others.

Scuba Diving

Explore the beauty of great depths with scuba diving. Walk through the water world off the coast of Marco Island including artificial reefs, barge and shrimp boat wrecks and natural limestone formations that hold an abundance of fish and invertebrate life. 

Cycling in Marco Island

Discover the charm of the place by riding a bicycle and exploring the island at your pace. Marco Island is a destination that does not disappoint anyone. It offers something to everyone, be it sporty adventurers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiast, or anyone.

Tour the epic island destinations to discover its breath taking scenery, picturesque nature beauty and cultural traditions with Marco island bike rentals. Find all type of bikes according to your taste and interest at Marco island bike rentals and keep your cycling spirit high.

Explore Marco Island With Bicycle Tours And Rentals

Bike Rentals on Marco Island

Marco Island is a city in Collier County, Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico. One might think that it is just another city with nice beaches, resort hotels, golf courses, marinas, etc. But the city consists of an amazing blend of twists and surprises with its cultural blend and tourist attractions. The city retains its individuality as a barrier island escape and offers things of fascination to the locals and the tourists.

Being the largest of Florida’s ten thousand islands, one needs more than just a time to explore the whole area. With the beaches and the fun, Marco Island acquires some of the best seashell collecting beaches in the world. To all the shell lovers, this is your spot to hunt a range of colourful shells.

Apart from the beaches, shopping, and other activities, Marco Island gives you the perfect exploring partner- Bicycle. Yes!! This is the perfect spot to cherish your favourite sport. Even though it is not your favourite thing to do, you will still love this part time to explore a range of places. 

Let me inform you that bicycling is a favourite pastime for the locals and the tourists both. So, no you are not alone in your adventure. 

The Island has plenty of bike trails and tours, whether it’s on the street or along with the island nature. To rent a bike you can visit Marco island bike rentals and get your ride. The ‘Marco Island  bike Rentals’ has bikes for all age groups and for all types of riders. Be it a kid, a teenager, youngsters, adults, old people, they have all types of bikes such as commuting bike, tandem bicycle, racing bicycle, track bike, and so forth.

The best point is that one can rent the bike on the basis of day, week or hour. Since safety is important, thus bike gears like locks and helmets are all included along with some useful local information on where to go and what to see.

There are no hourglass or time limitation. Rent a bike at Marco Island  and make a visit to your adventure destination. Just be careful on your end.

Let me give you some tour of the places that you can explore :

A time to leave the hustle bustle of the city and cycle past beautiful homes with surrounding views of rare tropical plants and trees. Explore the mangrove habitat for native wildlife while peddling past the tropical birds, eagles, tortoise, burrowing owls, etc.  

As said before, the island is not just about the beaches and the shells but it is also full of surprises. One of the surprises that it is home to several ancient burial mounds and artefacts of Calusa Native Americans. Calusa were a Native American people of Florida’s southwest coast. The Marco Island Historical Museum is a worth visit as it not only showcases the history of Marco Island but also traces the history of a fishing village, plantation, etc. Get to know Florida’s adventuresome historical part here.

The art lovers can go to the Marco Island Centre for the Arts regularly hosts cultural art-themed events, workshops, and Art Shows.

To conclude your visit, Marco Walk is an excellent place. Here you can find souvenirs to take back home.  

Don’t just sit and sit back and think about a leisure pedal through a serene and wonderful place of paradise. If you are planning your visit, then make sure to take notes for your visit.

Best Bike Paths on Marco Island and Naples

Best Bike Path at Marco Island - Marco Island Bike Rentals

Time for you to explore Florida’s paradise: Naples and Marco Island. From the gulf coast to the golf course, Naples and Marco Island gives you an all in one experience with its world-class culture, shopping experience, adventurous places, and fine dining. In short, there’s no shortage of things to do in these spectacular places.

Apart from exploring the place and trying activities like fishing, visiting the historical museum, visiting beaches, etc., cycling is a relishing past-time of both the visitors and locals. The two cities offer a variety of bike trails and paths. 

If you are staying on Marco Island without a vehicle, the ideal answer is rent a bike from bike rental shops in Marco Island. Tour the streets of the two cities and explore tropical plants and trees along with the unique wildlife of the island.

At Marco, we want to share our history, culture, and wildlife with you. That’s why we at “island e-bike rentals” bring you the best bike paths to give you an amazing travel and bike ride experience.

Gordon River Greenway

Gordon River Greenway is a scenic, smooth trail with water access along the Gordon River, located near Naples. The greenway starts between the Naples Zoo and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. You will enjoy your ride among the mangroves and other plants as you pass palm trees, pine flatwoods and scrub land across the Greenway trail.

Indian Hill

Indian hill also known as Otter mound preserve is an ancient Calusa shell mound that holds artifacts of both archeological and historical significance. This 700-foot trail from the wildlife to the natural surroundings is a perfect bike riding path for all the adventure lovers.

The area is also a home of the Island’s signature Gopher Tortoises and Burrowing Owls. Also, the plant here is a tropical hardwood hammock- a rare and vanishing habitat types of the area.

Shell Island Road

Shell Island Road leads to the Rookery Bay. The ride down the road will give you an opportunity to come across a trail through the salt marsh. It is a great place to go biking to see native Florida wildlife and species.

Also, it is a great place to collect a variant range of shells and wade in shallow waters. There is a kayak launch in close proximity, which provides easy access to the water.

Key Marco

Key Marco is a secluded waterfront gated community with spectacular water views and beautiful grand homes. Here the plant and animal life interact to create a magnificent natural beauty.

Just as in the shell island, there are prominent shell mounds preserved on key Marco with Indian Mound as one of the island’s archaeological highlights. 

Tip: Make sure to bring your driver’s license.

Get your wheels from the best bicycle rental shop at Marco Island and tour the magnificent place of Florida.

29th Annual Taste of Marco Island

29th Annual Taste of Marco - Marco Island Bike Rentals

29th Annual Taste of Marco Island

The mouth-watering smell of barbeque, the tempting flavorful dishes by the finest restaurants in the city, it’s all that one desires in a Sunday afternoon treat. The Greater Marco Family YMCA announces the 29th Annual Taste of Marco, to be held on Sunday, April 28th from 11 am to 5 pm, at the Esplanade.

The 29th Annual Taste of Marco brings the best and finest restaurants of the city for an afternoon of delightful and flavorsome treats. The fun is just not over yet; the annual food festival- one of the most highly anticipated events of the year surely knows how to keep it going and entertaining with the menu full of cool beverages, great entertainment by Ben Allen Band, raffle, Kids Area, and so forth.  

Spend time with your family and have a day full of fun, music, food and entertainment. Savor different flavors and participate in 50-50 raffles just to try your luck. Burn those extra calories while enjoying the live music by The Ben Allen Band. To all those wine lovers, there is a wine auction event. Also, not to forget, beer, wine, and other beverages will be available for sale.

Get to know the secrets of the local restaurants, and amaze your family with delicious recipes. Yes!! You read and heard it right, the local restaurants, will share their best recipes with attendees. The restaurants will also compete to win awards such as “People’s Choice”, “Best Decorated”, and “Best Theme”.

Enjoy a fine collection of Marco Island Eateries with flock of locals and visitors and benefit the Marco YMCA Scholarship Fund.

The pass is of only $8 each, $15 for 2, Kids under 12 (we love kids) so don’t worry, their entry is free! Tickets are available on sale day of the event. All proceeds benefit Marco YMCA Scholarship Fund.

Free parking and boat slips, There are many games and activities included for children and adults. 

It is a wonderful experience to see how visitors and residents come together on this occasion, give a helping hand to the community and create a fraternity.

Of course, you are welcome to spend the remainder of your day relaxing on the sand, by the pool, or inside at your beautiful Marco Island Vacation rental—but there are many other island events you and your family will absolutely love.

Get out on the water to enjoy the 29th Annual Taste of Marco Island.

At The Marco Island Bike Rentals, we love this time of year!  Temperatures are ideal for just about any adventure one can think of with just right daytime highs, one of a kind sunsets and balmy nights.  Although Marco Island is the largest of Florida’s 10,000 Islands, it still only occupies 12.1 square miles of land making it the perfect size to explore on two wheels. The Marco Island Bike Rentals is the place to head for if you are visiting or simply don’t have a bike of your own.

Get to know Marco Island like a local. Rent a bike, from bike rental on Marco Island. Experience and enjoy the annual events and festivals held across Marco Island. The calendar is ever evolving, so be sure to check back frequently as it is updated often.

Easter on the beach on Marco Island

If there is one day you choose to wake up early during your vacation, it is Easter Sunday. Join over 10,000 residents and visitors for the 31st annual Easter Sunrise service directly on the sugary white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. 

It is the time of the year to go out and celebrate Easter with your family and friends on a beautiful island. A time to relish cherishable moments with your loved ones. Easter on the beach of Marco Island is an incredible experience. 

The Easter event in the island is a tradition, where people of different backgrounds come and witness the tranquil site by peeking the sunrise over the horizon. The festival welcomes the spirit of growth, joy and delivers holy messages. Apart from the message and preaching the day is celebrated with art, music and culture.

Musically, the service features artists from different island churches, with the Marco Island Concert Choir, Musical Bands and professional musicians from around the country. Concluding the gratifying moment event, people usually spend the rest of their day relaxing on the sand, or taking a ride of the beautiful place with Marco Island bike rental. 

There are many games and activities included for children and adults. Children’s activities include searching the Easter egg, which is divided according to age groups. Adults can explore the wonderful attractions of the island.

Bicycle rentals on Marco Island is a great way for adventure lovers, to get their adrenaline rush. Rent a bike with affordable bike rentals on Marco Island, take a spin around the neighborhood with a bike and taste the culture of the city. One can go on a short ride with a rented bike or can make a long trip with your friends. 

It is a wonderful experience to see how visitors and residents come together on this occasion, give a helping hand to the community and create a fraternity.

Of course, you are welcome to spend the remainder of your day relaxing on the sand, by the pool, or inside at your beautiful Marco Island Vacation rental—but there are many other island events you and your family will absolutely love.

Get out on the water for an Easter meal. 

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